Ten years on, our vision is the same now as it was then: to champion the best produce from suppliers here in Yorkshire, as well as a little further afield. And to work with people who are as passionate about food and drink as we are. It’s this that makes our dishes truly special.


Grass-fed, dry-aged prime
Yorkshire beef

Naturally raised British native breeds, our British beef is sourced from Waterford Farm, Kirkby Malzeard in North Yorkshire, and dry-aged from 30 to 40 days depending on cut. We partner with Yorkshire's finest butcher to hand select and cut our meats to our standard and specifications.


In-shore fisherman - Skipsea

Yorkshire fisherman Frank Powell supplies us with fresh wild sea bass, wild sea trout, crab and lobsters from the shores of Bridlington and Skipsea. Frank’s method of in-shore fishing, which is skillfully done with just three nets and a quad bike, is one of the most sustainable ways to catch and supply fish.


Highland Wagyu

Described by many chefs as the “best beef in the UK,”  Highland Wagyu delivers a velvety, buttery texture that just can’t be matched.

The Highland Wagyu company was founded in 2011, by husband and wife team Mohsin Altajir and Martine Chapman, breeding premium Japanese Wagyu, Aberdeen Angus, Beef Shorthorn, Highland and Dexter cattle. Their mission was to produce the best beef in the world and they are now the largest producer of Wagyu cattle in the UK.


Staal Smokehouse

Staal Smokehouse is an exclusive, award winning, family-run smokehouse business based in Long Riston, East Yorkshire, and is passionately run by Justin Staal.

The salmon is sourced from the wild, wind-swept sustainable farms on the west coast of Scotland – the perfect breeding ground for a delicious taste that’s as close to wild salmon as you can get. Each salmon is dry cured before smoking with a blend of oak and apple for a subtle smoky flavour that complements, without overpowering the fish.


Frith Farm

Frith growers - Ben Allwood & Matt Turnbull work extremely hard growing some amazing produce for the restaurant, growing gourmet salad leaves; They produce 50 different varieties of leaf along with edible flowers & herbs, grown right here on the outskirts of Beverley.

Ben places a major focus on quality and chemical free growing. All grown for flavour, taste and texture. Eating Frith salad is like traveling the world; from the peppery incan nasturtium, the strange Okahijiki from the coast lines of Japan, the spicy yet sweet Chinese Mustards to the stunning Chicory and Endives of Italy!


Keyingham Strawberries

East End Nurseries in the village of Keyingham, East Yorkshire. We use Peter Overvoorde ‘Centenary’ extra sweet variety of strawberry. Picked on the day and served on that night, glasshouse to plate within
4 – 5 hours!

The glasshouses cover nine acres and are all dedicated to strawberry production. The amount of heat, light, water and nutrients the plants receive is controlled by computer, enabling the farm to extend its growing season. Peter also releases 36 hives of bees into the glasshouses to pollinate the plants, and introduces other insects as a natural control against pests.


Cherry View Dairy Farm

Cherry View Milk comes from our closest dairy farm, just three miles away at Cherry Burton.

The milk is produced by a small herd of prizewinning Holstein and Jersey cows who graze lush pastures of grass and red clover.

The milk is not homogenised or standardised, meaning it is distinctively creamy. It is the freshest we can buy and we love the fact that we can support Becky and her hard working family of dairy farmers who milk their cows twice a day, every day of the year.



In Trentino, northern Italy, Mezzacorona lies at the foot of the majestic Italian Dolomites. Its vineyards with pergola trellising, characteristic of the region, run from Lake Garda to the foothills of the towering Dolomites at 9000 ft.

The wines & spumante are crafted to be a perfect complement to Italian and International cuisine, and are renowned for their consistent quality, vintage after vintage. Matthew’s father-in-law is one of the 150 growers that supply the cantina, so if you ever fancy picking grapes in Northern Italy, his door is always open!


Judith Beck Winery

We love Judith’s wine for many reasons, she is one of the vital young wine makers making a difference in Austria, family run business since 1976.

Most of the vineyards are situated at the Wagram of the Parndorfer Plate, the most important site of the region. 

Since 2007 Judith has produced wines in accordance with biodynamic principles. The vineyard area of 15 hectare guarantees that Judith personally takes care of every aspect of the vineyard. Traditional red grape varieties such Zweigelt, Blaufränkisch, St. Laurent and Pinot Noir account for almost 90 percent of the area, but don’t forget about the 10%, we also champion Judith’s white Weissburgunder.